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Reign of God (ROG) Financial Services

Reign of God (ROG) is a leadership and broker development program designed to mentor individuals in the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership. All participants will gain a wealth of knowledge about financial management, long-term wealth building and passive & and residual income, business management, and personal development.


No experience is necessary to participate as we have a host of different professional backgrounds, age groups, and life stages. The training needed is provided and all participants have the opportunity to obtain multi-state licensure which can be used in a variety of ways. Our staff will help walk you through set-up and provide continued support for success in owning and operating your business. 

 We use our background in career and professional development to assist in designing goals that are tailored specifically to the individual's long-term goals. The business development plans can be tailored for a multitude of industries. An area of specialty for many individuals is becoming a broker in the insurance industry.

Financial benefit for the participant is also a primary goal. Whether the goal is income replacement or bringing in supplementary income, we can assist in making that goal a reality. Creating long-term passive income is also a general goal for each of our agents.

With the capability to work both in-person and virtually, the program is flexible and meant to be built around your schedule. We offer training or events seven days a week for your convenience. We also offer team building and engagement opportunities, as well as chances to travel and connect with other individuals in similar programs. 


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