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Groups & Organizations

Education is the hallmark of growth and the cornerstone of our business.   We are delighted to join your group to share.


 Our personalized workshops last 50 to 90 minutes and each presentation is tailored to fit the knowledge level, age, and needs of your audiences and organization.

Audience and Lecturer

Financial Education Workshops

It's no secret that financial literacy is one of the most important, yet under-discussed topics throughout our lifetimes. We can provide workshops on a variety of topics such as foundations of financial wellbeing, credit basics, and money management basics. If there are additional topics in this category, we can customize a presentation to fit your group's needs. 

Youth Workshops

Financial literacy for kids and teenagers is the cornerstone of good financial habits as adults. We offer workshops on the foundations of finance for kids and youth. Example workshops include: Understanding Money for Kids, Financial Milestones for Teens, & Understanding Financial Aid & Student Loans.

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Taking Notes

Advanced Financial Topics

Our advanced financial topics workshops dive deeper into financial concepts for those who may be well versed in the basics but are seeking training or discussion around a specific topic. Some examples include: Financial Management During a Crisis, Building a Tax-Free Retirement, What's Your Money Personality? (How personality affects our spending habits & how to plan for it)

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